Collections Testimonials

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Tricia DuBois for the last 18 months. She is responsive, conscientious, and easy to partner with. Working with her has been an integral part of my position within my company as we have collaborated on collecting numerous accounts. Tricia has a high success rate and we have steered our customers to this firm specifically because of her consistent results.

I am very thankful for Tricia and her hard work, as I could not perform my job as effectively without her. I highly recommend not only Tricia, but the entire firm of Ball Janik.”

Heather Clot, Community Administrator, Community Association Partners, LLC

“Everything that Ball Janik's collections department has been able to accomplish for my Associations has really given me a new respect for what they do. They work hard and get great results and I encourage all of my Associations to move their collections over. I couldn’t ask for more.”

Cole Hamilton, Community Manager, Community Association Partners, LLC

“Ball Janik’s collection program makes a difficult process easier for my Associations and me, and the website allows me to monitor each account with up to date notes and documents.”

Joe Schmeits, Regional Property Manager, Association Division, Pinnacle Property Management

“Ball Janik does an excellent job with collections for my clients. They are great at keeping the board and I appraised of any activity with the debtors, and help get the delinquencies resolved in a timely manner. Their firm is one that I always suggest when associations are looking for help with getting delinquent owners caught up.”

Andrea Klopfenstein, Owner and Community Manager, Bridgetown Community Management, LLC