our mission

Our mission is twofold: to perform high quality professional work that advances the interests of our clients, and to cultivate a firm culture that ensures our professionals and staff will deliver on that promise. Lasting client relationships are the proof that we are fulfilling our mission.

for our clients

Ball Janik LLP is dedicated to finding and implementing the most effective and efficient solutions to our clients’ challenges. We are lean, aggressive and entrepreneurial. We adhere to high standards of ethical conduct and professional courtesy. We are selective in our pursuit of clients and loyal in serving them for the long term.

for our team

Ball Janik LLP provides opportunities for individuals to engage cooperatively in a challenging, stimulating, and financially rewarding practice. We succeed by creating a sense of common enterprise among our professionals and staff, who embody a client-focused approach to problem solving. Thus, we reward creativity, problem solving skills, efficiency, responsiveness, professionalism, and other attributes that build client loyalty and promote the firm’s image.

We maintain a hospitable and personally engaging working environment, characterized by high standards of courtesy, strong communications, and constructive feedback.

Ball Janik LLP encourages our employees to participate constructively in the community, and we provide recognition of that involvement. We also recognize that, in order to sustain a satisfying and productive career, each individual must balance the demands of work with family, personal interests and outside commitments.