Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper Litigation

Ball Janik LLP represents the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA), a non-profit organization of recreational saltwater anglers dedicated to conservation of recreational fishing habitat. The CCA challenged federal catch limits on red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico for recreational anglers that did not consider the impacts of shrimp fishing on the red snapper population (shrimpers account for approximately 80% of red snapper mortality). Ball Janik argued the case before the Federal District Court in Houston, Texas, which issued an Opinion and Order on Summary Judgment in CCA's favor. The Court mandated that the Federal Government issue rules on the shrimp industry addressing red snapper mortality by December 2007. This was a significant victory for recreational anglers, who were bearing an unfair share of the regulations for restoring red snapper populations.  The Federal government appealed the ruling of the District Court, and then abandoned its appeal.

Bruce H. Cahn (litigation partner) represented the Coastal Conservation Association in this case.


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