ConocoPhillips – Olympic Pipeline

David Criswell represented ConocoPhillips in the Olympic Pipeline Chapter 11 case filed in Seattle, Washington. The Olympic Pipe Line Company operates a pipeline system that runs along a 299-mile corridor from Blaine, Washington to Portland, Oregon. The system transports gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel to Seattle's Harbor Island, Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Olympia and Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, Oregon.  Mr. Criswell filed and prosecuted a significant adversary proceeding on behalf of ConocoPhillips for declaratory relief regarding the classification and recovery of large refunds due to ConocoPhillips under Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission orders entered before the bankruptcy. His efforts in the bankruptcy court resulted in full payment of the refunds to ConocoPhillips and resolution of rate disputes between ConocoPhillips and Olympic Pipeline Company.